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by Lesa Seibert, President, Xstreme Media

Why Should Someone Return to Your Site?

Last week in Part V we looked at what you want your website visitors to leave with.  This week, in our last installment, we are going to look at why should a visitor return to your website.

Is there a good reason that a visitor should bookmark your website so that they can return again?  If the answer is no, then what do you need to change on your site that will encourage repeat visits? 

Whatever objectives and reasons you had for creating a website for your company are not important if you are not driving visitors back to your site.  If your only reason to spend the money and time to develop a website was to keep your competition up to speed on what you are doing and how your market, or don't market, your business, then you have wasted a lot of time and money.

So ask yourself, "Why should someone return to our site?"  In doing so you are forcing yourself to take a hard look at your website initiative and the justification for the investment.  Developing loyalty from your customers through online activities will be seen in your offline revenues and profits.  Providing relevant information, making it easier for your customer to do his or her job, having the latest and most popular products available, are some basic tactics that will encourage people to return to your website. 

Do you add a blog?  What about a discussion forum where people can ask questions and get informed responses?  How about company news?   Determining what is of value to your target audience will be the basis of your online presence. 

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