by, Lesa Seibert, President, Xstreme Media

Today, businesses have a lot more options when it comes to communicating with customers and prospects.  Businesses also have to be conscious of the fact that consumers are increasingly bombarded with messages from friends, family and businesses through lots of channels - e-mail, TV and display advertising.  So what is the best way to communicate that will provide rapid results?  The answer is mobile.

Respecting Consumer Boundaries

When you receive a 15 percent response rate from your first mobile campaign, you get really excited because your response rate with direct mail is around 2.6 percent!  But, you need to remember that bombarding customers with excess communication increases the opt-out rate and decreases the response rate, so you must respect your customers. 

Texting is 100 percent opt-in, so consumers receive only permission-based messages.  Consumers will set boundaries by ending the communication and replying "stop", a required options for text, at any time they feel you are overstepping your boundaries.

As a general rule, text clients no more than once weekly or establish the frequency, if more often, at the opt-in process.  The opt-in text database is a permission marketing asset that must be carefully managed.  Mobile phones offer an unmatched avenue for delivering content-rich, interactive and targeted promotions as well as services.  It is a marketing dream, but must be handled responsibly so as not to alienate consumers and customers.

Since most text messages are read within 4 minutes of receipt, you must take care that you are using the platform wisely and not spamming your customers.  It takes just one response of "stop" for them to be removed from your list and getting them back will be next to impossible.

If you missed the first article in this series, read it here, Mobile Web and Business Part I.  Next week we will look at opportunities for using SMS Text with customers and potential customers.

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