by, Lesa Seibert, President, Xstreme Media

The exciting developments that are taking place in real-time technology are going to impact every industry on the internet in 2011.  From SEO to e-commerce to website design, they all will feel the effects.  Google really boosted this trend with their introduction of real-time seach in 2010.

Waht is more significant than the technologies themselves are the many different ways in which they can and will be used.  Real-time search, real-time content distribution, real-time ad bidding, real-time analytics and real-time content translation  are just some of the areas in which technologies are changing the Web, therefore creating the need for a new set of stratgies in all areas.

To make sure that your website stays ahead of this trend, you must direct your focus on providing continually fresh and useful content that matters in real time.  Content that speaks to the current needs of your audience.  There is no better way to achieve this than by interacting with your customers on social networks.

Another way is to create and distribute useful blog posts and informational videos that allow users to comment on and share with each other.  Also invite them to write reviews of your products, services and business.  You should look at building an application or optimize your website to make sure that users have access to your business on their mobile devices.  Also consider adding live chat to your website that allows visitors the opportunity to talk with you while they are on your site, instead of having to send an email or pick up a phone.  Take a step further and initiate the chat - some live chat software allows you to see visitors on your site in real-time so if you see them looking around for more than a minute, you can initiate the chat and ask them if you can be of assistance to them.

To track traffic, make sure you look at some real-time analytics solutions to determine how visitors are interacting with your website while they are on the site.  One of those solutions is provided by Optify, and it gives website owners instant analysis that allows them to immediately address the needs of their visitors.

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