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by Lesa Seibert, President, Xstreme Media

In Part I, we looked at optimizing Flash and Flash video files for Internet search.  So what about videos?  Will search engines ever index them?  The answer is yes, and it has been happening for a couple of years.  The first thing indexed was speech within a video that came with the launch of Google Audio Indexing (GAudi), which lets Google index spoken works (audio) from videos.  Think of it like closed captioning for search engines.

In its first experiment that involved the YouTube Political Channel, GAudi was able to index and rank videos based on the relevance of spoken keywords, YouTube Metadata, and video freshness.  While there is lots of work to be done, the results are promising.  So, should you start today?  Yes.  Start changing your processes by incorporating keywords and phrases in your copy writing. 

Create Your Video Optimization Plan

The official launch of GAudi is still unannounced, which gives you plenty of time to update the copy writing plan for your videos.  In the current model, it is the page that the video is on that is optimized.  The title tag of the page, description and any relevant metadata along with introductory copy should include keyphrases.  You will also want to include corporate keyphrases into the voiceovers of your videos.  Some easy ways to include keyword mentions are:
  • Use descriptive keywords - although keyphrases are generally nouns, the can vary from broad to specific.  Instead of using generic terms like laptop computer, use something such as Dell Inspiron Laptop computer
  • Place keyphrases near benefits statements - GAudi will take viewers to the exact place within a video that includes a searched keyphrase.  Stating benefits in association with keyphrases will give the viewer an immediate, positive impression of your product or service. 
  • Position keyphrases within relevant quotes - Because GAudi will most surely become a favorite tool of bloggers and the media, you will want to arrange your keyword-rich quotes within your video scripts.  

While many of your competitors will continue to see Flash and Video as rankings killers, you will be way ahead of the game by optimizing your multimedia content now.  You will learn the ins and outs and be gaining ranking improvements more and more as the technology develops. 

*Resource - Website Magazine, March 2010

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