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There seems to be a lot of buzz going around lately about Landing Pages. What are they and what makes them differnt from a regular web page?  Here is some info that may help.

According to Wikipedia, the definition is:  In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement. The page will usually display sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link.

So, do I need one, what do I use it for and how do I get one?

Do You Need a Landing Page?

You need a landing page(s) if you  are doing any type of online/payperclick advertising (Google AdWords, Bing Microsoft Advertising, etc.), social media page or ad (facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) or targeted marketing (postcards, direct mail pieces, etc.). 

What Do I Use It For?

Your landing page should provide your visitor (potential customer) with a customized sales pitch. You tie the content of the landing page to the content in the advertising that drove them there.  Was it for a lmitied time special offer, new service offering, etc.  You have to consider where the person has come from, and who they are. By providing a good match, your chances of engaging the visitor goes up, as should your conversion rate.

Well designed landing pages will almost always return better conversion rates than simply dumping people into the home page of your site. When you drop people into the homepage of your site, it's like to asking them to figure it out for themselves and find what you were trying to show them. They arrive and spend a couple seconds before giving up and hitting their back button to move on to you competitor.

Give the same visitors exactly what they were looking for and you will have a captive audience. Also be careful not to provide too many distractions in the form of links, or you are likely to lose them before they read your entire message.

You should create targeted landing pages anytime you can control where people will be coming from, and your goal is a specific transaction such as sales, registrations, sign-ups, etc. This is particularly true if you are paying for the traffic, with banner ads, sponsor links, or pay-per-click. 

Landing pages are easy to track with analytics and help you determine the ROI of a particular campaign.  If you only put the custom page link on your postcard mailing, social media site, etc., then by tracking visitors to that page and also tracking if they followed through with the call to action (buy, register, etc.), it is much easier to see the result of your campaign.

How Do I Get One?

Let Xstreme Media assist you with designing and implementing your custom landing page(s) to compliment your current marketing campaign.
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